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Hi Everyone and Happy New Year,

I am very pleased to announce the final posting of the second Robota teaser. Thanks to Doug Werner at Apple for making this possible. This teaser just won the Prix du Rendu / Prize for Best Rendering at the 2003 Imagina CG Film Festival in France. Congratulations to everybody! To view it, please go to the Robota animation page or go to trailers. I want to convey my heartfelt thanks to everyone on the Robota team. It was a pleasure working with everybody and congratulations to all. Special thanks to Stephane Marty, Christophe Petit, Celine Chotard, Jerome Desvignes, Jean-Colas Prunier, Chance Thomas, Matthew Ward, Pete Billington, and Pam Statz.

Briefly in other news, I'm still very busy working on 'The Polar Express'. This film is turning out to be one of the most ambitious films I've ever work on. Also, I just did interviews for and Please link to the sites for the interviews. On the book front, Chronicle Books is doing a stellar job with the Robota book. We are almost done and it's turning out quite wonderful.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the teaser! More news to come soon...



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