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Hello, Everyone

Two updates in one year! A new record for me :-)

Things are going very well. I'm still very busy working on "The Polar Express". Hopefully, some of you have already seen the theatrical teaser for this film. It's playing in the theaters now and on

The Robota book is doing very well and getting a very good response from reviewers and readers alike. It's been featured in recent articles in Wired Magazine, Starlog, and Animation Magazine among others. Also, Orson Scott Card will finally be starting the novelization of the Robota story. Thanks to everyone for helping to make this a success.

I'm also very pleased to announce that the third Robota CG animated teaser is half finished. I recently visited ILM and Pixar and showed a sneak peek of the work and thankfully they didn't tear it apart. The finished teaser will be about two and a half minutes long with 70 plus shots - it's grown since the last update. A fourth teaser is also in production overseas and with luck both of these teasers will be finished early next year. I promise they'll both be worth the wait. I've included a couple of sneak peeks of the rendered images from the third teaser here. Click for full-size versions of the images.

Teaser Render      Teaser Render

And since several magazines and trade publications have already mentioned this next item, I certainly won't deny it here - we are in development of a Robota computer game. The details are still very confidential but I can say that I've partnered with Sony Pictures Imageworks to develop the game. I'm very excited about this opportunity and we will certainly do our best to make the game as compelling as possible. I'll reveal more information in the coming months so please stay tuned.

And last, Chronicle Books is offering limited edition signed copies of the Robota book. These editions are signed by both myself and Orson. For more info please contact Chronicle Books at 1.800.722.6657 or check out their web site.

Wishing everyone a wonderful holiday season.



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