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I find these flaws in nearly all my paintings. Unfortunately, I can't fix or even identify these problems until the painting is complete. Sometimes I will go back and repaint because the errors are so glaring that once they are spotted it is impossible to overlook.

An example of this is Kaantur's City -- the limited edition poster for sale on this site. When I finished Kaantur's City, I realized that I had painted the upper part of the floating city at the wrong angle and it didn't fit with the perspective of the painting. In studying my original drawing, the problem was there but not as evident. After much agonizing, I forced myself to completely repaint the upper section to correct this perspective and saved one of the key images from Robota. Kaantur's City is now one of my favorite paintings.

I hope you have enjoyed this painting demo. Please keep in mind that what I've described here is only my own methods for painting and it is certainly not the best method. It works for me but I'm always looking for better techniques. Painting is an ongoing learning process that will continue throughout my career.